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The 5 best pages to reword texts automatically

The 5 best pages to reword texts automatically
ghazal ghazal

ghazal ghazal

Posted Tue, Dec 6, 2022 12:35 PM


All about paraphrasing and rewording

Writing has played a very important role and has favored human development throughout all
these centuries. Likewise, it has evolved with the support of new technological tools, helping
people to transform their ideas and translate them in the most harmonious and simple way

The rewording of texts is used to write about a specific topic from an existing one.
Throughout the Internet you can find many pages that provide this service, guaranteeing original
content and free of plagiarism. For this reason, today we have brought you the best pages to
automatically reword texts, so you will not spend hours and hours writing.

5 online pages to change words in a text

These tools were designed primarily to save us time, giving us a result that is very similar to the
original document. When doing a reword, the platforms use synonyms to change the
sentence structure, guaranteeing a 100% original article. Of course, it does not match the
quality of writing done by a person, but the results are quite acceptable.

1. Reword Texts

For many, is the best online paraphraser. Thanks to its artificial intelligence, it can offer you a
very natural result. It is highly recommended for rewording existing blogs and can also help you
improve your writing skills.
To use the page it is not necessary to register, so your personal data will not be exposed on the
web. Below we show you the benefits of using this page.
● It’s free. As you read, you will not pay a penny to enjoy this tool.
● Contains different levels of paraphrasing. You can reword an article at low, medium and
high levels, you will also find an extreme mode and to eliminate plagiarism completely.
● 10,000-word limit. One of its biggest pluses is the number of words you can transcribe,
and completely free of charge.
● There is no daily usage limit. So you can paraphrase daily texts with a high content of

2. Quillbot

Quillbot is one of the most used paraphrasing software in the world. It has an endless
number of tools that will make the re-registration of texts an interactive experience for the user.
It is used mostly for academic texts and content creation.
● It has a free version and a paid version. You can take advantage of it for free, but it is
somewhat limited, both in modes and characters.
● It has approximately 7 modes of paraphrasing. With this free tool, you will only have
access to two modes.
● It has limited characters, you can paraphrase 400 words only. A negative point for
those who do not have the paid version.
● You will think that it is very limited, but its pro mode is worth it, it contains multiple
functions that will increase the quality of your work.
● If you want to reword in the English language, either British or Australian, it is the best

3. reword Guru

reword Guru is a page that is worth having at hand, it provides you with various tools which
allow the user himself to choose the words he wants to replace, giving you a list of synonyms,
thanks to its ” Smart Turn “. Apart from rewording, he thoroughly checks for misspellings and
grammar by helping to correct them.
● Using it is very simple. Just copy and paste the text and click on “change text”.
● It has a free version, available to reword up to 800 words.
● The page works with different languages, Spanish, English, Italian, and French, among
● You can check the plagiarism level of your document in the same window, without the
need to use another tool.

4. Paraphras. it

Paraphrasing stands out for having a very simple and friendly platform, you can reformulate
texts with just one click. It is very effective for students and professionals who want to
paraphrase texts quickly.
● It works with 66 languages, so you can basically reword in any language.
● Its use is similar to many pages of this type, you just paste the text and that’s it.
● Once you have the text, you can download it in Word or PDF format.
● It will give you greater productivity with its assisted writing since it will give you
suggestions when it comes to reformulating some sentences.

5. Paraphrasing tool

This latest tool is quite smooth with a self-explanatory and interactive interface. It has a
dark mode, which will help when you are working at night . With the support of this platform,
you will be able to use up to 1000 words. It is one of the best pages to use for free.
● It has 3 paraphrasing modes : standard, fluent, and creative. You can use the one that
best suits your job.
● It allows you to mark words that you do not want to be modified.
● It makes the job much easier, allowing you to upload files directly from Google Drive,
Dropbox or your PC.
● It gives you very good results despite being free, and its platform is very easy to use .
Can these pages be used to avoid plagiarism?
We know how delicate plagiarism is and how it can affect whether you dedicate yourself to
writing or writing content. Basically, it can destroy your credibility and in the worst case can get
you into legal trouble. Even so, taking advantage of these web pages as support is a good
option. As we said before, these tools are going to substitute certain words or phrases in order
to avoid plagiarism, guaranteeing new, totally original content.
Definitely, these pages will do wonders for you. But, if you still don’t feel very convinced with
your new content you can upload it to some of the online tools that specialize in detecting
plagiarism. There are many all over the web and thus we guarantee that you will not have any
kind of problem.