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How to paraphrase for research paper

How to paraphrase for research paper
ghazal ghazal

ghazal ghazal

Posted Thu, Sep 1, 2022 8:20 PM



The first step of research is gathering information. Students and researchers may spend a lot of time in libraries gathering information for research paper. They may research on the internet and consider different sources for research papers or research programs. Lets consider how to paraphrase for research paper.


Steps of writing a research paper

You should be skillful at doing literature research and gather needed information, then writing and editing the research are two major next steps.

steps of research:

  • Research
  • Organize information
  • Planning a thesis
  • Writing an outline
  • Writing the research papers
  • Editing and paraphrasing
  • Reread the research paper


Use of quotations in research paper

Conveying the quotation to research papers prompts the validity of the research. Strong ideas and strong words boost your research. There are two ways to transfer the quotation into the text:

  1. Direct quotation
  2. Indirect quotation

paraphrase for research paper

In direct quotation, you transfer the sentences of the source to your text, directly. In indirect quotation, you paraphrase the sentences then transfer them to your text. Sometimes you desire to transfer the meaning and main idea of the quotation into shorter sentences and easier words.

Maybe you will decide to summarize the quotation and convey the main meaning to the research or may you think you can transfer the quotation in you better way. You could write the quotation in your words. However, you should mention the sources in your research paper.

Sometimes the word and the main meaning of the quotation is complicated and you cannot transfer the meaning strongly. So, you should transfer the quotation directly. Direct quotation, when the author is known and famous, with strong meaning and words, raise the validity of your research.


Key words in the research paper

For gathering information, researchers search and find the sources via keywords and key phrases.  So keywords are vital and researchers should know the appropriate keywords.

As a researcher, if you like others to read your article on Google and social media, you should choose the right keywords and key phrases for your article. You should have the skill to distinguish appropriate keywords. Others search and find your article and research paper based on key words.

For research papers, gathering information is around key words. You could search and find your sources based on key words. Then you could paraphrase the gathered information and convey them to research paper.

Is it OK to copy and paste a research paper

When you copy sentences from sources and paste them in your research, it is plagiarism. So, you can’t copy from sources and paste them into your research papers. Literally, you cannot present the articles of other authors.

You could paraphrase the paragraphs and sentences of the source and rewrite them in your sound and words. In this case, paraphrasing tools can help you with rewriting and rewording the paragraphs.

By paraphrasing tools, you can replace the synonyms and change the structure of the text. If the text is passive, you paraphrase and change your text into active verbs and sentences and vice versa. In this way, you can find your voice by paraphrasing the sentences.



In conclusion

After organizing the information and planning the thesis, start writing the outline and research paper. In this step, paraphrasing tools can help you to paraphrase the sentences and paragraphs of sources that you gathered to use in your research paper.

You can add your words and ideas to the paraphrased sentences. Paraphrasing tools help you concentrate more on your title and save time, as well. You can also find your voice and write the research paper in your style. Paraphrasing tools make you more creative in this field.