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Difference between reword and paraphrase

Difference between reword and paraphrase
ghazal ghazal

ghazal ghazal

Posted Thu, Sep 1, 2022 8:36 PM


All about paraphrasing and rewording

While writing an article or essay, you may decide to reword a text or paraphrase it. When you start rewriting, you can replace the words with their synonyms or you can change all aspects of your essay. It relates to your needs if you decide to reword or paraphrase your article.

How we decide to reword or paraphrase

You may begin to repeat your words with the same words and replace them with synonyms. In this way, you rewrite your text and select your own words, and you can have your own essay, as well.

Maybe a deeper change is needed, you feel! Then you can change all parts of the essay, words, grammatical structures, phrasal verbs… if you change all aspects of the essay and just convey the meaning in your own style, you paraphrase the essay.

AI-powered paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is deeper editing

In fact, when you decide to change the essay basically, you paraphrase the essay. However, you should maintain the main core of the essay. You can mix the components of the text then rewrite it in different ways.

What the definition of rewording and paraphrasing is, we describe it above. When you start rewriting and rephrasing an essay, you may start rewording the essay or paraphrasing it. But why do we decide to reword a text or paraphrase a text?

Sometimes you decide to simplify a text by rewording it. You could replace the words with their synonyms and select more familiar words. You may decide to reword a text to achieve your own text. Sometimes you feel a deeper change is needed. No different is it an academic essay or a love letter? You should select your way depending on your needs.

Rewording can be enough

Maybe your purpose is representing an article at the university or maybe you are working on your thesis. As an author, you need to change the original article basically and have your own text in your style. It doesn’t mean rewording the essay cannot do it for you. It depends on your decision and your needs!

You can paraphrase a love poem and text it to your lover as well. You can pick out your passage and rephrase it with your words and style and post it on social media. Paraphrasing could improve your creativity and give you new ideas too.

The main reason for rewording or paraphrasing a text is to avoid too many quotes and plagiarism. Both of them could help you avoid plagiarism and have your own essay. Of course, we should mention the sources in the essay.


In conclusion

In the case of paraphrasing or rewording, it is necessary to mention the author of the main sources. But when you are writing an essay and presenting an article, it is better your parts of the essay don’t be filled with quotations and don’t seem copied! They may stick a copy label on your essay. You should also avoid plagiarism in your articles.

These are the main reasons that people use paraphrase or reword the essay or article. All rewording tools are paraphrasing applications, online sites and rephrasing tools that can help you due to reword or paraphrase your texts and essays.